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  1. The impact of vision correction to a patient, methods of correction.
  2. Explore the various methods of vision correction available to the patient, spectacle frames being the  most popular, where do contact lenses fit in and how we convert a prescription?
  3. A basic look at lens materials, modality options, the importance of hand hygiene and lens care.
  4. Teaching a patient how to handle, insert and remove a contact lens - first time user training (where applicable).
  5. Talking about the benefits of contact lenses to patients,  following the steps around questioning and objection handling.


This is a Non-Clinical Course designed for Store Managers and Sales Staff.

Designed specifically for sales staff working in the optical store.  Regardless of whether they are new to optics or have a few years experience.                 

We adjust the intensity of the workshops depending on the level of understanding of each delegate group.

Course Duration: 2 days / 10 hours