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Clinical Grading Scale

Grading scale are an essential tool for recording and monitoring clinical changes to ocular tissues.

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Patient tips for healthy eyes flashcard

A regular eye examination is key to keeping eyes healthy. To reinforce your clinical guidance - share these simple ten tips with your patients to help promote eye health and the value of ongoing professional care.

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Promoting hand hygiene flashcard

Practising good hand hygiene is the most effective way to prevent the spread of infection. Yet hand washing compliance rates are low, even among health care professionals! This simple poster explains what to do, why and when, in a visual and informative manner. Display in your practice as a useful reminder to us all!

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Evaluating clinical research - flashcard

Eye care professionals today can be bombarded with research data presented at conferences, in journals and manufacturer materials. Evaluating research findings and using them to make the best decisions for our patient is an important part of optometric practice. Use this simple 10 point guide. 

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The canary in the coalmine

A series of chance events and is own family background have shaped the career of Professor Minas Coroneo, a pioneer of research into UV and the eye, as Ann Sulley discovers in an interview. 

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Should we be advising our patients about the need for ocular protection?

Professor James Wolffsohn reviews the latest evidance to help us understand the need to raise awareness of UV exposure on the eye with advise options for protection. 

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Opening our eyeS up to new toric insights

Confidence in prescribing toric soft contact lenses has grown significantly, and as such is no longer considered a speciality by many. This is thanks to the introduction of innovative designs and materials, which provide eye care practitioners with reproducible lenses that are predictable to fit and offer visual stability and comfort for their patients.

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The Read World of Toric ContAct Lens Wear

Addressing everyday situtations in the consulting room can lead to more successful toric soft lens fitting. Dr. Kurt Moody and Ella Ewens  review toric soft lens fitting and discuss evaulating these lenses in practice with three UK practitioners. 

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Aspheric Contact LensES - What's the deal?

This artical looks at the aspheric contact lenses, reviews comparative performances of aspheric and spherical lens and thow aberrations vary with accommodation and blinking. 

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Effective Steps for Ongoing CL Satisfaction 

Shila Hickson-Curran and Ella Ewens discuss the issue of compliance in contact lenses  wearers highlighting a survey that sheds light on  on-compliance behaviors and UK practitioners offers tips on how to improve adherence to lens wearer and care regimes.

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Rejuvenating Aftercare for Contact Lens Patients

Karen Walsh explores the oppertunities that exist in routine contact lens aftercare to enhance patient satisfaction and retention. 

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Age: the final taboo?

Communications is the key to getting more presbyopes to wear contact lenses,this was the task for a panel of expert contact lense practitioners convened at Johnson & Johnson Institute. Here is what they had to say ...... 

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UV radiation and the Eye

Karen Walsh reviews UV induced ocuar pathology, the challenges of providing adequate protection and the role of UV-blocking soft contact lenses.

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Cumulative Effective of UV on the Eye

Corneal Power - Corneal Curvature Conversion Table

Beyond The consulting Room

Find inspiration in and out of practive with THE VISION CARE INSTITUTE® and extend your skills beyond everyday practice to increase job satisfaction and enhance patient care. Here is our 'How to' guide to just some of the oppertunities  available. 

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The long and the short of soft CL replacement

The optimum replacement interval for soft contact lenses has been debated since the first hydrogel lenses emerged almost 50 years ago. Ann Sully and Shila Hickson-Curry review the background to this debate and the latest research finding. 

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Conversations in Practice: an introduction

Talking with our patients is something we do ever day but how often do we stop and reflect on our conversations and how they're recived? Claire Bulpin, Andy Cole and Alison Ewbank take a look at some of the principles involved if effective patients communications. 

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