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Speaker: Professor Omur Gunduz


With the prevalence of astigmatism (≥0.75DC) in at least 1 eye^1^ being as high as 47% of vision-corrected patients in at least 1 eye it is important for any Eye Care Professional to thoroughly understand how to engage with this patient group. The session is going to give insights into the advantages of contemporary contact lenses to convert basic contact lens wearers into more advanced contact lenses and how can Eyelid Stabilized design help to provide clear & stable vision, even with extensive head & eye movement. The webinar is going to illustrate why patients tend not to wear toric lenses and give eye care professionals skills to communicate astigmatism effectively in relation to improving the penetration of astigmatism contact lens – wearers.
1.Young G, Sulley A & Hunt C. Prevalence of Astigmatism in Relation to Soft Contact Lens Fitting; Eye & CL, 2011: 37: 20-2